Preprint C197/2016
A Fully-Parallel Pipeline for High-Quality Rendering of Vector Graphics Illustrations
Francisco Ganacim
Keywords: Vector Graphics | Rasterization | GPU

Vector graphics are a versatile form of representing visual information. They are
resolution independent and can represent a broad range of content: text fonts,
maps, user interfaces, and games.
Rendering vector graphics is not an easy task. High quality rendering requires huge
amount of processing power. To achieve real-time performance, many applications
sacrifice the quality of their resulting images. The solution is to parallelize rendering
using GPUs.
In this thesis we describe a rendering pipeline that is fully parallel, and imple-
mented on the GPU. We show how to create a novel acceleration data structure,
called shortcut tree, that allow us to render high quality images using antialiasing
filters of large support. Our results surpass the state-of-the-art in quality and