Preprint A23/2011
Filtration combustion in wet porous medium
Bruining, Hans | Mailybaev, Alexei A.
Keywords: Filtration combustion | traveling wave | porous medium | evaporation | condensation | conservation law
We consider the filtration combustion for configuration where air is injected behind the wave into a porous medium containing a solid fuel. The simplest flow contains planar combustion and thermal waves, each propagating with its own speed. In this work, we study such a flow, in the case that the porous medium contains initially also some amount of liquid; therefore vaporization and condensation occur too, giving rise to a wave structure richer than in dry combustion. We find two possible sequences of waves, and we characterize the internal structure of all waves. In an example for typical parameters of in-situ combustion, we compare the analytical results with direct numerical simulations.