Preprint C152/2012
Birational Geometry of Toric Varieties
Edilaine Ervilha Nobili
Keywords: Polytope | Cayley-Mori | Minimal Model Program | Chern character | toric variety | invariant surface | 2-Fano.
Toric geometry provides a bridge between algebraic geometry and combinatorics of fans and polytopes. For each polarized toric variety $(X,L)$ we have associated a polytope $P$. In this thesis we use this correspondence to study birational geometry for toric varieties. To this end, we address subjects such as Minimal Model Program, Mori fiber spaces, and chamber structures on the cone of effective divisors. We translate some results from these theories to the combinatorics of polytopes and use them to get structure theorems on space of polytopes. In particular, we treat toric varieties known as 2-Fano, and we classify them in low dimensions.