Preprint E14/2009
NITRO: a parallel solver of nonlinear balance systems
Dan Marchesin | Hime, Gustavo
Keywords: Porous media | balance systems | parallel implementation
In this document we describe the modeling of certain classes of phenomena, using balance or conservation equations, and the corresponding computer implementations. These models describe the evolution of physical systems along time, where transport, di®usion and reaction phenomena may or may not be present. In order to use these models in the e®ective study of these phenomena, high quality numerical simulations must be performed. But increasing the quality of a simulation invariably increases its computational cost. We do not wish to lessen the quality of the numerical solution for performance sake: our primary goal (motivation) is to perform the best possible simulations. The secondary goal (constraint) is to make optimal use of the computational resources employed. We draw the common denominator of the many models presented herein in order to produce a single family of high performance simulators for all of them.