Preprint A181/2002
Irreducible components of the space of foliations associated to the affine Lie algebra
Luis Giraldo | Lins Neto, Alcides | Cerveau, Dominique | Calvo Andrade, Omegar
Keywords: foliations | irreducible component
In this paper, we give the explicit construction of certain components of the space of holomorphic foliations of codimension one, in complex projective spaces. These components are associated to some algebraic representations of the affine Lie algebra $Aff(\C)$. Some of them, the so-called {\it exceptional or Klein-Lie} components, are rigid, in the sense that all generic foliations in the component are equivalent (example 1 of \S 2.2). In particular, we obtain rigid foliations of all degrees. Some generalizations and open problems are given the end of \S 1.