Preprint A40/2001
Bundle Bispectrality for Matrix Differential Equations
A.L. Sakhnovich | Zubelli, Jorge P.
Keywords: bispectrality | nonlinear evolution equations | integrable
We consider the fundamental solutions of a wide class of first order systems with polynomial dependence on the spectral parameter and rational matrix potentials. Such matrix potentials are rational solutions of a large class of integrable nonlinear equations, which play an important role in different mathematical physics problems. The concept of bispectrality, which was originally introduced by Grúnbaum, is extended in a natural way for the systems under consideration and their bispectrality is derived via the representation of the fundamental solutions. This bispectrality is preserved under the flows of the corresponding integrable nonlinear equations. For the case of Dirac type (canonical) systems the complete characterization of the bispectral potentials under consideration is obtained in terms of the system's spectral function.