Preprint A373/2005
Metric stability for random walks (with applications in renormalization theory)
Daniel Smania | Moreira, Carlos G.
Keywords: random walk | Feigenbaum | universality | wild attractor | skew product | renormalization
Consider deterministic random walks F:I x Z-> I x Z, defined by F(x,n)=(f(x),k(x)+n), where f is an expanding Markov map on the interval I and k: I -> Z. We study the universality (stability) of ergodic (for instance, recurrence and transience), geometric and multifractal properties in the class of perturbations of the type G(x,n)=(f_n(x),p(x,n)+n) which are topologically conjugate with F and f_n are expanding maps exponentially close to f when |n| goes to infinity. We give applications of these results in the study of the regularity of conjugacies between (generalized) infinitely renormalizable maps of the interval and the existence of wild attractors for one-dimensional maps.