Preprint A616/2008
Counterexamples to Calabi conjectures on minimal hypersurfaces cannot be proper
Marcos Dajczer | Alias, Luis | Bessa, Gregorio
We give an estimate of the mean curvature of a complete submanifold lying inside a closed cylinder $B(r)\times\R^{\ell}$ in a product Riemannian manifold $N^{n-\ell}\times\R^{\ell}$. It follows that a complete hypersurface of given constant mean curvature lying inside a closed circular cylinder in Euclidean space cannot be proper if the circular base is of sufficiently small radius. In particular, any possible counterexample to Calabi's conjecture on complete minimal hypersurfaces cannot be proper. As another application of our method, we derive a result about the stochastic incompleteness of submanifolds with sufficiently small mean curvature.