Preprint A613/2008
Lax shocks in mixed-type systems of conservation laws
Dan Marchesin | Mailybaev, Alexei
Keywords: mixed-type system of conservation laws; shock wave; elliptic region; Riemann problem; singularity; exceptional point
Small amplitude shocks involving a state with complex characteristic speeds arise in mixed-type systems of two or more conservation laws. We study such shocks in detail in the generic case, when they appear near the codimension-1 elliptic boundary. Then we classify all exceptional codimension-2 states on smooth parts of the elliptic boundary. Asymptotic formulae describing shock curves near regular and exceptional states are derived. The type of singularity at the exceptional point depends on the second and third derivatives of the flux function. The main application is understanding the structure of small amplitude Riemann solutions where one of the initial states lies in the elliptic region.