Preprint A529/2007
Time reversal of waves in a perturbed random medium
Knut Solna | Alfaro Vigo, Daniel
Keywords: Random media | asymptotic theory | random Liouville equation | time reversal
In a time reversal experiment, a signal recorded by an array of transducers and sent back time reversed into the same medium approximately refocuses on the original source center. The refocusing resolution is improved in an inhomogeneous medium. In this work we study the effect of changes in the medium, namely, the case when back propagation takes place in a perturbed medium. Under the paraxial approximation assumption for a medium with weak inhomogeneities we consider a high frequency white noise regime. We show that relatively small perturbations do not affect the stable refocusing (self-averaging) for a localized source, but produces an interesting blurring of the refocused time signal. In some simple situations this effect can be explicitly quantified and related to the statistical model for the medium.