Preprint D61/2009
Regis Soares | Arbieto, Alexander | Pacifico, Maria Jose | Markarian, Roberto
Keywords: billiards | mixing rate | infinite measure | K-systems
Abstract. Since the seminal work of Sinai one studies chaotic properties of planar billiards tables. Among them is the study of decay of correlations for these tables. There are examples in the literature of tables with exponential and even polynomial decay. However, until now nothing is known about mixing properties for billiard tables with non-compact cusps. There is no consensual definition of mixing for systems with infinite invariant measure. In this paper we study geometric and ergodic properties of billiard tables with a non-compact cusp. The goal of this text is, using the definition of mixing proposed by Krengel and Sucheston for systems with invariant infinite measure, to show that the billiard whose table is constituted by the x-axis and and the portion in the plane below the graph of f(x) = 1/(x+1) is mixing and the speed of mixing is polynomial.