Preprint D89/2011
Contact Normal Semi-Invariant Spacelike Submanifolds in an Indefinite Sasakian Manifold
Rodrigo Montes | Brasil, Aldir Brasil | Mariano, Maxwell
Keywords: Spacelike submainifold; Sasakian manifold; Semi-invariant submanifold;
In this paper we study the contact normal, semi-invariant, spacelike sub- manifolds Ms isometrically immersed in a Sasakian manifold fM2m+1 q with pseudo- Riemannian metric of index q = (2m + 1) �� s (so with timelike characteristic vector eld). We study the integrability of the distributions D and D? and the geometry of its leaves. We show that a contact normal spacelike semi-invariant hypersurface is in- variant, that is TM = D, and totally geodesic. We also obtain a classi cation result for submanifolds totally umbilic