Preprint D83/2011
Measure-expansive systems
C. A. Morales
Keywords: Measure-expansive; Borel Probability Measure; Expansive
We call a dynamical system on a measurable metric space {\em measure-expansive} if the probability of two orbits remain close each other for all time is negligible (i.e. zero). We extend results of expansive systems on compact metric spaces to the measure-expansive context. For instance, the measure-expansive homeomorphisms are characterized as those homeomorphisms $f$ for which the diagonal is almost invariant for $f\times f$ with respect to the product measure. In addition, the set of points with converging semi-orbits for such homeomorphisms have measure zero. In particular, the set of periodic orbits for these homeomorphisms is also of measure zero. We also prove that there are no measure-expansive homeomorphisms in any compact interval and, in the circle, we prove that they are precisely the Denjoy ones. As an application we obtain probabilistic proofs of some result of expansive systems. We also present some analogous results for continuous maps.