Preprint B7/2004
Modelos Difusivos e Cinéticos para Quimiotaxia
Ana Luz
Keywords: Chemotaxis-diffusion models-fnite-difference method
Our main objective is to study diffusion models and kinetic models for chemotaxis. By the latter we mean the cellular movement induced by the presence of chemical substances. Chemotaxis is an important mechanism in several areas of the biology, one example being immunology. We will present a report of modelling chemotaxis that begins in the seventies with the Keller-Segel model, this was introduced to study the beginning of the Dictyostelium discoideum aggregation process. We will discuss the construction of the model and we will present numeric simulations for obtaining its solutions using the fnite-difference method. The kinetic models will also be presented so tas to display the relationship between the Othmer-Dumbar-Alt model and the Keller-Segel model.