Preprint A780/2017
Visual Representations for Improvement of Music Understanding
Leandro Cruz | Vitor Rolla | Juliano Kestenberg | Luiz Velho

Classical music appreciation is non trivial. Visual represen- tation can aid music teaching and learning processes. In this sense, we propose a set of visual representations based on musical notes features, such as: note type, octave, velocity and timbre. In our system, the visual elements appear along with their corresponding musical elements, in or- der to improve the perception of musical structures and, ultimately, of the whole composition. Although our approach is pedagogical/educational, the visual representations (of musical elements) we use to enhance the comprehension of a composition could be extended to performing arts context. It could be adopted as motion graphics during live musical per- formances. We have developed several videos to illustrate our method. They are available at∼vitorgr/ VLMU.html.