Preprint C103/2010
Rhythmically-Controlled Automata Applied to Musical Improvisation
Keywords: Interactive Music Systems Automata Theory
The main contribution of this thesis is to propose a Framework to generate Rhythmically- Controlled Multi-Mode Audio-Based Interactive Systems used to create variable-form improvised pieces in real musical performance contexts. In the recent years the field of Interactive Music System has grown considerably but issues related to Rhythm have been underestimated. This thesis starts with a comparison between several Interactive Music Systems related to the above mentioned problem. After that, A profound analysis with respect to Rhythm is developed considering different perspectives. In the core of this work, the concepts of mode and meta- mode of interaction are presented and formalized using the Theory of Synchronized Automata empowered by Tree Structures. Based on this formalization, some computational tools are developed to deal with real life situations. The two case studies built using these tools prove the approach here presented do solve the central question posed by this thesis. They are recorded on video, described and analyzed in details in this thesis.