Preprint A722/2012
ChoreoGraphics: An Authoring Environment for Dance Shows
Wojciech Matusik | Schulz, Adriana | Velho, Luiz
Keywords: choreography | authoring | motion graphs
This work describes a computer system for authoring dance shows. The system can be used both as a mechanism to synthesize virtual group performances and as a tool for interactive design and visualization of real choreographies. To this end, we use as an input motion capture of dancers synchronized with an underlying musical composition. We adapt motion synthesis methods for use in combination with a musical track. The authoring system provides methods for controlling group movement of dancers on stage, such as creating formations and following trajectories. Our integrated platform suggests a new form of collaboration between artists, allowing the show to naturally evolve from iterative contributions from dancers, musicians and choreographers. In this way, we demonstrate how computer graphics research can be used to create new tools for artists to express their creativity.