Preprint A723/2012
An Adaptive Multiresolution Mesh Representation for CPU-GPU Coupled Computation
Marcelo Siqueira | Maximo, Andre | Velho, Luiz
Keywords: Atlas | Stellar Operators
In this paper, we present an adaptive multiresolution mesh representation exploring the computational differences of the CPU and the GPU. We build our representation considering a dense-polygon mesh simplified to a base mesh which stores the original geometry by means of an atlas structure. For both simplification and refinement processes, we present a hierarchical method based on stellar operators. During simplification, we compute local parametrizations to generate charts and an atlas structure to be used later in refinement. Unlike previous appro- aches, we employ the simplified mesh as our base domain in a novel atlas descriptor using a specialized halfedge data structure combined with our charts. Finally, we show that our mesh representation can be used to adaptively control the mesh resolution in CPU-GPU coupled applications, including mesh editing and visualization.