Preprint A94/2001
Maximal monotone operators, convex functions and a special family of enlargements
B. F. Svaiter | Burachik, Regina S.
Keywords: maximal monotone operators | enlargements | convex functions | Banach spaces.
This work establishes new connections between maximal monotone operators and convex functions. Associated to each maximal monotone operator, there is a family of convex functions, each of which characterizes the operator. The basic tool in our analysis is a family of enlargements, recently introduced by Svaiter. This family of convex functions is in a one-to-one relation with a subfamily of these enlargements. We study the family of convex functions, and determine its extremal elements. An operator closely related to the Legendre-Fenchel conjugacy is introduced and we prove that this family of convex functions is invariant under this operator. The particular case in which the operator is a subdifferential of a convex function is discussed.