Preprint A344/2004
Smooth surface reconstruction using tensor fields as structuring elements
Sylvie Philipp-Foliguet | Vieira, Marcelo | Martins Jr., Paulo | Ara├║jo, Arnaldo | Cord, Matthieu
Keywords: normal estimation | surface reconstruction | organization inference | extremal surfaces | orientation tensor | morphological operators
We propose a new strategy to estimate surface normal information from highly noisy sparse data. Our approach is based on a tensor field morphologically adapted to infer normals. It acts as a three-dimensional structuring element of smooth surfaces. Robust orientation inference for all input elements is performed by morphological operations using the tensor field. A general normal estimator is defined by combining the inferred normals, their confidences and the tensor field. This estimator can be used to directly reconstruct the surface or give input normals to other reconstruction methods.We present qualitative and quantitative results to show the behavior of the original methods and ours. A comparative discussion of these results shows the efficiency of our propositions.