Preprint A350/2004
Continuous Q1-Q1 Stokes elements stabilized with non-conforming null edge average velocity functions
Marcus Sarkis | Franca , Leopoldo | Oliveira, Saulo
Keywords: Stokes | Finite Element | inf-sup | stabilization | bubble function
We present a stabilized finite element method for Stokes equations with piecewise continuous bilinear approximations for both velocity and pressure variables. The velocity field is enriched with piecewise polynomial bubble functions with null average at element edges. These functions are statically condensed at the element level and therefore they can be viewed as a continuous Q1-Q1 stabilized finite element method. The enriched velocity-pressure pair satisfies optimal inf-sup conditions and approximation properties. Numerical experiments show that the proposed discretization outperforms the Galerkin least-squares method.