Preprint D48/2007
Topological entropy and blocking cost for geodesics in riemannian manifolds
Eugene Gutkin
Keywords: riemannian manifold | connecting geodesics | blocking threshold | counting of geodesics | topological entropy
For a pair of points $x,y$ in a compact, riemannian manifold $M$ let $n_t(x,y)$ (resp. $s_t(x,y)$) be the number of geodesic segments with length $\leq t$ joining these points (resp. the minimal number of point obstacles needed to block them). We study relationships between the growth rates of $n_t(x,y)$ and $s_t(x,y)$ as $t\to\infty$. We derive lower bounds on $s_t(x,y)$ in terms of the topological entropy $h(M)$ and its fundamental group. This strengthens the results of Burns-Gutkin~\cite{BG06} and Lafont-Schmidt~\cite{LS}. For instance, by~\cite{BG06,LS}, $h(M)>0$ implies that $s$ is unbounded; we show that $s$ grows exponentially, with the rate at least $h(M)/2$.