Preprint B33/2009
Esquema híbrido para amostragem de mapas de iluminação em renderizações foto-realistas
Aldo René Zang
Keywords: Three-dimesional Graphics and Realism | Sampling | rendering | Environment Maping | Importance Sampling | Deterministic Sampling.
Currently, photorealistic rendering of synthetic 3D scenes using illumination maps captured from real environments is an important topic in image synthesis. There is also a great demand for efficient solutions, these techniques are used for incorporation of synthetic objects in films and commercial. In this thesis we introduce a new approach to the problem of direct illumination in physically based rendering of 3D scenes using illumination maps captured from real environments. We developed a system that takes advantage of the best features of the current solutions to the problem: namely, the approximation of illumination maps through directional lights; and stochastic sampling of the light maps. Our framework is flexible and can be used with most rendering programs. The proposed Hybrid Scheme can be used with both direct illumination methods and algorithms for global illumination. Our proposal complements and consolidates the traditional techniques, because they can be used either separately or combined to address the problem of sampling light sources during rendering with real lighting.