Preprint B21/2008
Efeitos de Fratura para Visualização Não Realística de Imagens
Anna Regina Côrbo Costa
Keywords: Minimal Spanning Tree; Image Sampling; Crack Patterns
Reproduce art techniques for drawing using only simple primitives, such as points and lines, has been an explored problem in non-photorealistic rendering. In this work, we developed a method that displays an automatic 'artistic version' of an image where is possible to see this image thought some lines that draw crack patterns, in fact. With this objective, we choose a sampling method where the gray levels can be well represented. We consider those samples as vertices of a minimal spanning tree which guide the crack direction in image space. We defined a way to give width to these tree routes and we get the best way for representing a fracture randomly disturbing all the wide tree edges, getting some interesting and expressive results.