Preprint B14/2007
Efeitos de Mosaico para Imagens
Geisa Faustino
Keywords: mosaic effect | centroidal voronoi diagrams
Over the past millennia art has revealed to us the History of the World and mosaics have figured among mankind’s earliest artistic expressions. Due to the durability of the materials used, many objects have come down to current day in good condition, thus helping humans understand their past better. Over the last few years many techniques have been developed in the area of non-realistic photo rendering, some of which are dedicated to the mosaic effect. In image processing, the process of mosaic construction can be seen as a problem of sampling and reconstruction. In this type of problem, edges play a basic role in preserving the image of the original form of the object. This work presents an automatic and adaptive algorithm for the creation of mosaics from a digital image using the Centroidal Voronoi Diagram. For a better perception of the image, adaptive sampling supplies varied-sized tiles highlighting regions along the edges of objects.